c:\> shutdown -r

c:\> shutdown -r

Restarting from what?

A very long time ago I kept a blog over at Wordpress which is still online, but did not get to see any action since my last post of 25/07/2011.

Since I never stopped developing software I want to start a new blog. I can however make no promises on the frequency of updates for this new blog, call it selfknowledge... eventually I'll lose interest.

What happened since Wordpress?

Well to keep a long story short:

  • had a daughter - Faune
  • got married to my lovely wife Nele
  • quit my job over at Selligent
  • started my own company Visuasoft
  • tried to launch an e-commerce service - but failed
  • got another daughter - Febe
  • started working as a freelance .net developer

so till my first real blog post - stay tuned!